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About Bari And Lake Urmia+Photo

Bari Tourist Resort is a sports, therapy, accommodation, Food Service, Tours, and Gathering resort built on the uniquely beautiful shores of Lake Urmia, the second largest salt lake in the world. The resort is situated 40km off Urmia en route to Salmas in a geographical region of the country which boasts of great weather and an amazing variety of natural sceneries.
The resort sits on the shores of Urmia Lake, a rare natural treasure of amazing curative and environmental properties. The prospect of utilizing these remarkable potentials has been among the main incentives behind this establishment. Other objectives include reviving the traditional regional values by utilizing natural elements for health purposes, establishing a resort according to world standards and offering a nice, relaxing and entertaining environment to local and foreign visitors and tourists.
The launch of this resort has put the area on the radar for a lot of travelers and tourists who used to travel abroad to enjoy similar facilities, a fact which in itself can be a step in the right direction for the optimal utilization of national resources and keeping the money this side of borders. It also plays a major role in lowering the travel and amusement expenses for the tourists and travelers to a great degree.
Bari is the first and only national plan for the establishment of a health village which has been actually put to action. Significant parts of the plan are already operational, and it is expected that after the completion of the next phases in the near future, the resort will host more than 400,000 local and foreign tourists each year.
Another distinct feature of the resort is the size of investments in the establishment. Bari is the first investor in a national project concerning the launch of a modern College of Hotel Administration in the country. The establishment of this college will not only help provide the needed human resources for the Bari resort itself, but will also inject groups of trained and skilled work force into the country’s market of the hotel business, which can solve a part of the deficiency in trained human resources for the tourism services in the country.
In the short while since the opening of parts of the Bari Resort, it has already turned into a known tourist attractions in the region, hosting a large number of foreign travelers and tourists and introducing them to the evident and hidden merits of Lake Urmia.
At present, more than 300 experienced work forces skilled in various hotel administration fields and related services are tending to different executive, service providing and construction activities in different cultural, sports, therapy, accommodation, convenience and construction capacities. All of these people have been trained by the most experienced instructors for their particular line of work and position in tourism services, and are perfectly prepared to answer every need of the guests and visitors at the best quality possible.
History Of Bari
Bari is the name of a village on the shores of Urmia Lake, 40km off Urmia en route to Salmas. The idea of building a tourism spot by the lake has been on the minds of the founders for many years. Lake Urmia is the second largest salt lake of the world after the Dead Sea, and a brief look at the existing facilities in the area privileged to have such unique natural wonder reveals the negligence in utilizing the available natural resources. It was a powerful incentive for the founders to contemplate an establishment which could offer a complete package of cultural, sports, therapy, accommodation and convenience facilities to all those who appreciate the merits of the Lake Urmia water.  
The construction project for the Bari Tourist Resort kicked off in 1997. After the completion of the preliminary steps such as road construction and groundwork, the first phase of the project turned operational in 2003. The project will ultimately produce a world standard tourist village with exceptional therapy facilities such as advanced, equipped water therapy centers using mineral springs (Spa), mud therapy, salt therapy, massage therapy, physiotherapy, consulting centers for rheumatology and joint and bone problems, perfectly outfitted beaches and pools, and mineral and salt water pools for patients who would like to benefit from the positive ions of the water.
Presently, the operational part of the Tourist Resort offers the projected facilities of the final establishment at a smaller scale, including hotel and residential facilities (a five star hotel, private villas and suites), food service facilities (banquette halls, restaurants and traditional dining halls), sports facilities (swimming pool, bowling alley, billiard room, bicycle trail, riding manège, rowing and water sports, shooting, trap shooting, etc.) and therapy facilities (beaches, Jacuzzis, lake water pools, fresh water pools, etc.)
Fact Sheet from Barı And Urmia lake
Bari Tourist Resort is a cultural, sports, therapy, accommodation and convenience resort built on the uniquely beautiful shores of Lake Urmia, the second largest salt lake in the world. What makes the resort a significant tourist site in the country is its location right beside the lake, which is a rare natural treasure of amazing curative and environmental properties. The prospect of utilizing these remarkable potentials has been among the main incentives behind this establishment.
Geographical Situation
Bari Tourist Resort is situated: 
40km off Urmia en route to Salmas, on the shores of Lake Urmia
200, 56 and 120 kilometers away from the cities of Tabriz, Urmia and Khoy, respectively; 
A two hour land trip from the Sarv border between Iran and Turkey.
Accommodation Facilities 
Deniz Hotel (Five Stars) 
Room types include White, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange and special suites with different amenities
Number of rooms:  200 rooms
Maximum room occupancy: Two person per room (optional two extra beds) 
 Beach Units 
Number of units: 96 apartment units 
Unit Occupancy: Two person per unit (optional two extra beds) 
Villas (Weekly Lease) 
Private Villas 
Area of the Bari Cottage Town units: 30-300 sqm
Sports and Recreation Facilities 
Water Sports: Open and cabin motorboats, waterbuses and rafts, pedal boats, waterskiing, dragon boat, kayak, cruising, canoe polo 
Pool Complex: Saltwater and freshwater pools, wet and dry saunas and Jacuzzi 
Horseback Riding: Recreational riding (supervised by instructors), horse boarding facility and riding lessons 
Exclusive Beaches: Separate sandy-salty beaches for male and female visitors, offering facilities such as seats, beach umbrellas, freshwater showers, lockers, buffet and lakeside accessory set 
Trap shooting (fixed and moving targets), billiard room, cycling facilities for children and adults (lake side and inside resort trails), carriage rides, camel rides on the sandy beach, computer arcade and a beach park for children.
Therapy Facilities 
Mud Therapy Pools 
Salt Cabins 
Specialized Arthritis and Rheumatism Center 
Spa Center: Water Therapy, Message Rooms, Solarium
Convention Facilities 
Seminar Hall: 400 seats 
Beachside Community Center 
Indoor Movie Theater 
Open Cinema and Amphitheater
Food Service Facilities 
Deniz Restaurant: Formal reception and French service 
Barbad Traditional Restaurant: Iranian and local, ethnic cuisine 
Aquatic Restaurant 
Bari Coffee Shop
Bari Tours: Kaboodan Island, Maghi Salt Cave, Cheshmeh Mountain Shelter and the Bari Home Tour 
Nature Tours: Marmishoo Lake, Saholan cave, Mahabd Dam, Mountain Shelter 
Mountain Tours: Rock climbing at Kazem Dashi, Buzsineh Mountains 
Fishing Tour 
City Tours: Urmia, Khoy, Anzal and Salmas
Bari Tourist Resort 
Address: Bari Health Village, Qushchi, Urmia, West Azerbaijan