Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Urmia and Three Dome Photo

History Of Urmia Three Dome
The monument know ad Three Dome (Turkish Language=Üç Günbəz, Suyunbəz, اوچ گونبه ز، سویونبه ز) today lies within the City Of Urmia Whileit Used To be a Short distance Away, and outside the City Wall Near Bazar Bash Gate about a century ago. This tomb dates back to Seljuk Period and the Atabaki Era of  Mohammad Hahan Pahlevan one the Azerbaijan Atabaks(570-581 A.H). Urmia Three Dome is cylindrical in structure, Consistinf of two floors in the interior a Cellar and worship place. Asmaller dome has been built on the main one and that’s why it is called Three Domes in the entrance ,, there are three Domes inscriptions have been descorated with pieces of Stone, in one of which the month moharram of the 580 Hegria is inscribed. The inscribed. The inscription interoduces Amir Sheshghatol Mozaffari as founder of this monument and mansour Ebne Mousa as its architect. In recentyears, West Azerbaijan Cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism has Taken measures in respect of basic repair of the tomb and its site.