Tuesday, March 22, 2011

West Azerbaijan - Urmia City and Flowers

Happy Bayram(Turkic People New Yer).
Historically marked by Turkic and Central Asian peoples, BAYRAM (Erkenegün - Erkenkon - Novruz - Nowruz - Navrız - Наурыз - Navroʻz - Nevruz - ایل بایرامی - بهار بایرامی - نوْوروز بایرامی), the day of vernal equinox, has also been celebrated by diverse cultures throughout the Balkans, Black Sea region, Central Asia, Caucasus and Middle East. This prominent celebration of spring awakening and prosperity has thus become a festival of diversity, interfaith and intercultural synergy.
West Azerbaijan - Urmia (Urmiye) City and Flowers